Target Rifle

What does target rifle shooting with the CSSC TSA have to offer?

  • Shooting in representative team matches
  • A friendly yet competitive club atmosphere
  • Affiliated to the LMRA - use of their clubhouse and facilities

CSSC TSA members shooting on Stickledown range, Bisley.

Also known as Full-Bore Rifle, the name refers to the NRA rules for Target Rifle competitions, as distinct from Service Rifle or Match Rifle.

Shooting is from the prone position, using 7.62 calibre rifles conforming to some basic rules and regulations concerning the overall weight and trigger pressure, etc. The targets are made of paper on a wooden frame with a round black aiming mark on a white background, and can be anything from 300 to 1000 yards away from the shooter.

The Bullseye is remarkably small, and requires considerable amount of skill in the holding the rifle steady. However it doesn't end there -- the wind plays an important part in your ability to score a Bullseye.  In team competitions, there is almost always a wind coach on hand to help the shooters along.

If you are interested in taking up Target Rifle, please start by contacting the National Rifle Association (NRA), who run courses designed to take absolute beginners and turn them into proficient and safe shooters.


Smallbore Championships

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We are afilliated to the Civil Service Sports Council, and enjoy a close relationship with them.

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