Air Rifle and Air Pistol

airrifleThere are two kinds of target airgun shooting; the long-established 10 metre precision air rifle and air pistol shooting as featured in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, and a relatively new form that has attracted many former cartridge pistol shooters. Part of the changes to the firearms laws in the UK that were enacted in 1997 was the relaxation of restrictions on CO2 powered airguns. This opened a door to those whose sport involved shooting cartridge pistols in rapid-fire competitions to move across to shooting the same conditions of fire with a new breed of multi-shot air pistols.

If you are interested in taking up Airgun shooting, please start by contacting the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA), who will be able to help you to find a club in your area that will be willing to help you become proficient in this discipline.


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